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How to Maximize Your Athletic Abilities Using Mindset Training

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The Most Common Debilitating Psychological Issues Preventing 98% of Athletes to Perform Optimally and How to Overcome these Issues

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Mary and James Sr.

Dangerous Mind Academy Video Testimonial Mary and James Sr.

Catheryn Oullette

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Jermaine Lyle

Dangerous Mind Academy Video Testimonial Jermaine Lyle

Kate Mendoza

Dangerous Mind Academy Video Testimonial Kate Mendoza

Denton’s Proven System Will Help You

OVERCOME Fear of Failure
OVERCOME Fear of Imperfection
OVERCOME Social Anxiety (not living up to the hype)
OVERCOME Fear of Success Phobia
Achieve Athletic Key Performance Indicators
(raise your statistics)

DESIGN a Plan for Purpose
LIVE the Athletic Lifestyle
PERFORM Fearlessly
SYSTEMIZE Your Work Life Balance
to Optimize in Your Sport

Your Career Depends On Being An Action Taker

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