Who is Denton Daley?

Mission & Vision


“It is my mission to create champions – one mind at a time”
– Denton Daley


“My vision for YOU is to crush limiting beliefs and enable you to become the best competitor in your field”



Trust and confidentiality is at the core of the academy. We expect the same commitment from the individuals who take part in these programs.


In the athletics world there is so little consistency. I will create the necessary buffer for children athletes to not experience the dramatic up’s and downs of their psychology.


We strive to instill accountability for everyone who partakes in the programs by demonstrating through example, taking responsibility and teaching the individuals to be liable for their commitments.


Emails will be replied within 48 hrs on all inquiries.

CEO & Founder

Dangerous Mind Academy

Denton Daley is a retired Professional Champion Boxer – winning four major boxing titles which included The Canadian and Commonwealth British Empire Championships and was rated number two by the World Boxing Association at the peak of his career.

Today Denton is a Sports Performance Entrepreneur & Mental Fitness Consultant and owns Dangerous Mind Academy.

Dangerousmindacademy.com uses Denton’s proprietary system to help athletes dominate their sport by freeing their minds from the debilitating effects of ‘The Fear of Success Phobia’.

The Fear of Success Phobia is a mental block that prevents athletes from optimizing their performance.

During his successful boxing career, while under the guidance of his mentor – former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Boxer Lennox Lewis – Denton developed a revolutionary system that smashed through his limiting beliefs, enabling him to reach peak performance in record time.

Through Dangerous Mind Academy, Athletes can now mentally prepare themselves to dominate their sport and train their mindset for ultimate success.

Using these simple to learn techniques, Denton’s clients quickly achieve amazing results that regularly defy their own physical limitations and old misconceptions to why athletes succeed or fail.

Born & Raised in Ontario

Born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, now residing in Cambridge, Ontario Canada, Denton has been featured on the front page of leading newspapers including: Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, Mississauga Guardian, Brampton Guardian, Cambridge Times and Kitchener Record.

Plus, multiple guest appearances on local radio station G98.7FM in front hundreds of thousands of listeners and appeared on The Home Team and CP24 local television news stations as a celebrity guest.

Athletes who work with Denton will tell you that he works harder than anyone they know, has unrivaled focus and a magnetism that makes everybody want to study him.

Denton Daley Dangerous Mind Academy

Denton’s Dangerous Mind Academy is the result of thousands of hours of training and learning from the world’s best athletes and mentor-ship from millionaires and entrepreneurs.

Today Denton shares his wisdom and knowledge with athletes who want to become peak performers.

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