Dangerous Mind Academy

This program is the core backbone for athletes to build unrivalled confidence, train more efficiently and dominate their field. Athletes will learn the 3 phases for success which includes transformation, tracking for optimal performance, building habits of elite successful athletes and much more. 24 interactive sessions over Skype to be completed within 3 months of enrollment. Space is limited, book your FREE session now.

Dangerous Mind Academy Next

This program will strategically teach you how to build killer instinct mentality and always remain 1 step ahead of your competition. 12 interactive sessions over Skype to be completed within 2 months of enrollment. Registration will be closed at capacity.

Team Mentoring

This program provides customized action plans for athletic teams or group of corporate professionals with endeavors to succeed in their field. In person or Skype meetings available. Book your free strategy session now to see how I can help your team succeed.


This program is for upcoming and seasoned veteran coaches. This program focuses on client retention and team leadership for peak performance. 5 interactive one-one coaching sessions to be completed within 4 weeks over Skype or in person. Book you FREE strategy session to learn more.

Parent Coaches

The Parent Coach program teaches the parent how to efficiently train children between the ages of 8 to 16-year-old. 5 interactive sessions over Skype to aid their child to the highest levels of success. Children respond greater to parent coaches so this is the perfect opportunity to complete this course at your own pace within four weeks of enrollment. Book your free strategy session now to see if this is for you.

Individual Sessions

$208.33/session conducted over Skype (discounted packages available upon request)

Public Speaking / Group Coaching Engagements

Book Denton for FREE consultation on details

The VIP Program

This program focuses on teaching you how to sell ‘exercise’ as a means to earn income in your respective field. This is where clients learn to gain authority and standout above your competition to demand business. The key to selling ‘exercise’ is to structure your business in a very particular way that 98% of your competition isn’t doing and will remain unsuccessful. If you’re a personal trainer, gym owner or coach of any kind then this is for you. Book your FREE strategy session to learn more.

(All Mental Training Packages Come With A FREE Strategy Session To Determine If We Are The Right Fit For Your Requirements)

The Dangerous Mind Academy teaches wisdom and knowledge putting everything in tangible milestones developing mental toughness for success in the most natural way possible.